Analysing and Optimising the System and Creating the connection between Technology and Business. 

System Analyst

Design and manage the network for the organization and have specialization on network security and communication.

Network Engineer

Develops and maintains software  and has specialization in web development, app development etc.

Software Engineer

Analyse and Calculate the complex data of businesses with the help of statistics and Machine Learning Technique.

Data Science Analyst

Protect the network and system from cyber threats and provide security from potential attacks.

Cyber Security Experts

Works on developing models and algorithms for AI applications and Machine Learning.

AI and Machine Learning Engineer

Develop and design the system that are embedded in the device like automotive systems etc.

Embedded System Developer

Designing and Developing the Hardware component used in the computer.

Hardware Engineer 

Designing and Developing Robotic Systems for the manufacturing industries and other department.

Robotic Engineer

Develops infrastructure and services on the cloud. For example Google Cloud, AWS etc.

Cloud Computing Engineer