Properly Dress up and Arrive on Time.

Tip no. 1

Keep working on Confidence level, Thought process, and Frame of mind because the interviewer noticed everything.

Tip no. 2

Always be a good listener as well as a speaker to impress the interviewer.

Tip no. 3

Work on Body language and Confidence to present yourself effectively.

Tip no. 4

Always be clear and loud enough to give the best introduction of yourself.

Tip no. 5

Should have basic knowledge of Banking Concepts.

Tip no. 6

Should be clear about the Financing and Economic concepts. 

Tip no. 7

Regular Revision of Current Affairs.

Tip no. 8

Always try possible ways to answer optimistically.

Tip no. 9

Update yourself with Mains exam topics.

Tip no. 10

Have a strong concept regarding particular education stream.

Tip no. 11

Aware about the launched scheme by the Government.

Tip no. 12