The Growth of Literacy Rate in India Increases up to 6 times after the Independence.

Facts No. 1

The most Literate State with the highest literacy Rate in India is Kerala with about 94 %.

Facts No. 2

The State having the lowest literacy rate in India is Andhra Pradesh of  about 66.4 %, according to NSO.

Facts No. 3

To calculate the Literacy rate Sum of the total number of literate people above age 7 divided by the total population multiplied into 100. 

Facts No. 4

India is home to the largest illiterate adult in the world about 287 Million which is about 37 % of the world's population.

Facts No. 5

India ranks 123rd position out of 135 countries among literacy rate all over the world.

Facts No. 6

Right to Education is compulsory by the government for the children age between 6 - 14 in 2009.

Facts No. 7

The study conducted in 1990 claims that India will achieve complete literacy by 2060.

Facts No. 8