Keeping Quiet Detailed Summary Class 12 CBSE 2024 English Flamingo Book, Question and Answer

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Keeping Quiet English Class 12

Title of the Chapter “Keeping Quiet”

Title: The title of the chapter “Keeping Quiet” says that we must sit in solitude (state of stillness and calmness). This poem is written by famous writer Pablo Neruda.

Theme of the Chapter

Theme: Theme of the poem is that one must understand ourselves and for that we have to introspect. This Introspection helps us to understand the basic questions of our life that is what we need?, Why we need?, How much we need? after that we start working for the betterment of the mankind.

Summary of the chapter

Synopsis: In this poem poet has given emphasis on quite introspection. In it poet ask us to take a pause for a while and try to understand ourselves. Poet urges us to count up to twelve and the number twelve signifies twelve hours of the day or the month of the years. He want us to keep still without movement and shall not speak in any language and let silence be the language of everyone. With this we will fully connected with our surrounding and will we able to understand it. It will be on exciting situation when everything will come to stand still.

As an effect of Introspection, no living being will harm any other living creature, purposely and it is explain with the help of an example of a fishman and the people who want Endlessly will get sometime to look at their injuries and damage they have to done to themselves.

In the Third Stanza Poet says that people who destroy nature and those who prepare lethal and destructive weapon will introspect themselves and their minds will change and they will stop their action of harming others. Poet want us to realize that their is no meaning of such victory when there is no one to celebrate it.

Poet in the Fourth Stanza says that we all are single minded driven by target of survival and the threat of death but this sadness could be interrupted by a small pause.

At last poet suggest us to learn from the earth, as the earth also takes a pause when everything seems to be that during autumn or during extreme winter but goes to be living after a short period of time. When season changes similarly we should also take a pause to understand the purpose of our life and at last once again ask to count up to twelve and walk away.

Poetic Devices of the Chapter

Poetic Devices

  • Alliteration: Sudden Strangeness, His Hurt Hands
  • Personification: The earth can teaches us
  • Symbols: Fisherman and Whales, Salt Gather
  • Antithesis: Count-Still, That-Alive
  • Repetition: Without rush without engine

Question and Answer of the Chapter

Which is the exotic moments that poet refer to in the poem?

Poet says that we must sit in solitude and must not make any moment, must not speak in any language. We will feel with strange happiness and that cannot expressed in words. As we will feel connected with others and silence become languages of everyone.

Explain the sadness refer in the poem “keeping Quiet” by the poet?

The poet is referring to those who were endlessly without taking a pause and never able to analyse his own actions without understanding the consequences of his actions. And unable to find out the answers of basic question of life what we need?, Why we need? and How much we need?.

do you think the poet advocates total inactivity and death?

Poet is not in the favor of total inactivity because if a person become inactive. It is as good as dead because life is a continuous process which continues till the last breath with its up and down.

according to the poet, what is it that human beings can learn from the nature?

Poet gives an example of the earth. During Autumn or Extreme Winter no sign of greenery can be seen but when the season changes greenery flourished. Similarly we must take a pause for a while to understand ourselves.

What are the different kinds of wars is mention in the poem? what is poet’s attitude towards war?

The three kinds of wars are mention in the poem. Green wars which means destruction to nature by human being, second war with gas which means creating pollution and use of chemicals. The third war is wars with fire by using explosives. The poet pacifist which means no war or violence should be there and everyone must live in harmony with each others.

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