On the face of it Summary Class 12 English Chapter 6 Summary, and Question Answers


Theme of the chapter “On the Face of it”

Theme: The central theme of the story, “On the Face of it” revolves around human insecurities and other limitations that people in the society puts on them. It also talks of how people face loneliness and mental distress in their everyday lives.

The chapter “On the Face of it” is written by English Novelist and Writer Susan Hill.

Summary of the chapter

Synopsis: The story revolve around its central characters which are Derry and Mr. Lamb. Derry enters the garden of Mr. Lamb by climbing the wall thinking that no one is inside but finds Mr. Lamb who warm him to mind his steps as the conversation move ahead. Derry tells Mr. Lamb that he is sick of the people who stare of his burnt face Mr. Lamb tries to shift the conversation to some other topic. Derry fells frustrated by the old man’s comment and in conversation Derry reveals that his face was burnt due to an acid. Mr. Lamb tries to make him understand that he should not pay attention to what any people thinks. Mr. Lamb also tells him about his handicap and advice him to accept the things as they are. He say that if you start avoiding those people who calls him lamey then people will get tiered of staring and making ill comments on his face. Gradually Derry fell influenced with Mr. Lamb point of view toward life. Mr. Lamb narrate stories and told him things which no one had told him earlier. Mr. Lamb says that people are same and different everywhere. Derry agrees with Mr. Lamb philosophy and wanted to live life on his principle. Derry ask Mr. Lamb for permission to go to his house and he will return soon. Mr. Lamb says that no one come back to him but Derry promise to come back. He goes to his home and asked his mother to give him permission to go back to Mr. Lamb. But even his mother denied he goes there but finds that Mr. Lamb fells from the ladder while picking apple from the tree and dies. He felt sorry for his inability to help him and at the death of his only friend.

Question and Answers

Why does Derry Tell Mr. Lamb that he is afraid of seeing himself in the mirror?

Derry’s face is half burnt due to acid looking at his face into mirror bring his past bad memories back to him. So, in order to avoid these memories he avoid looking into the mirror.

How does Mr. Lamb try to remove the biggest fears of Derry?

Mr. Lamb gives confidence and courage to Derry. He asks Derry to overcome his physical impairment instead of repeating on what had happen to him.

Why does Mr. Lamb leave his gate always open?

Mr. Lamb keeps his gate always open to welcome kids. He did not have his own children and his lives all alone so to remove his solitude he wants people to come to him and talk.

What peculiar things Derry thought about the old man Lamb?

Mr. Lamb is unlike other people he does not get terrified looking at Derry’s face. he is surprised to see the him near who himself was handicapped, lives happily. He makes him aware of his strength.

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