The Enemy by Pearl S. Buck, Class 12 English Chapter 4 Summary, Explanation and Question Answers

The Enemy simplified summary of Class 12 Chapter 4 written by Pearl S. Buck along with Theme and Important Question Answers.

Theme of the Chapter “The Enemy”

Theme: The chapter enemy gives the message that humanism transcends all human made barrier and prejudice. Dr. Sadao in the chapter saves the life of an enemy giving this message that love, peace and harmony is above all the oblivious grinity.

Summary of the Chapter “The Enemy”

Synopsis: In this chapter author have a dilemma in his mind of as a private individual and as a citizen with a sense of nation responsibility. The story was setup during second world war when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and both the countries ready to kill the individual of enemy country if found on their land. Dr. Sadao was a Japanese surgeon who studied in America and returned to Japan and married a girl name Hana who belong to Pure Japanese face. When most of the Doctor were sent to the war Dr. Sadao was allow to stay back home because he was required by all old general who was dying.

One night an incident occur when an American Navy soldier washed ashore in a dying condition in front of his house which was near the sea. Dr. Sadao and Hana unwillingly took that American inside their house and gave him a required medical treatment. Servant also come to know about the secret and they decided to quit their job, gradually the soldier regain consciousness. Now Dr. Sadao started looking for the possibilities to get rid of hat soldier. One day General Takima called Dr. Sadao for medical assistance. Dr. Sadao told everything clearly to him and in return general promised to sent two assassin to kill the American. Sadao awaited for his death every night but found him alive everyday. At this point Sadao become a real man and he understood that he himself has to find out solution to the problem. So he decided to rescue the American in about giving him to reach to the island near by where he will find Korean fishing boat that will take him away from the limits of Japan. So he interacted him by flickering the torch light once to signal that he is safe & twice if he need anything. Next evening Sadao looked for the signal at the time of dusk when the sun reaches the horizon but there was no signal seen which means that the enemy has rescued successfully leaving a question behind for Dr. Sadao that why he fail to kill his enemy.

Question and Answer of the Chapter “The Enemy “

Why did Dr. Sadao treat the American soldier even though it was an unpatriotic action for his country?

Dr. Sadao treated the American soldier because he was a Doctor who has take Hippocratic Oath like any other doctor to save the life of a person without discrimination on the basis of cast, Religion, Gender or Nationality more over he was a humble and kind hearted person.

Why did Hana wash the wounds of the American Soldier by herself?

When Dr. Sadao and Hana found that American in a dyeing condition in front of their house. The Condition of the soldier was very critical & dirty too. So, Dr. Sadao asked Hana to wash that soldier. Hana ask Yumi but Yumi refuse to touch any American because he was her enemy ultimately Hana had to wash that American by herself.

How does the writer indicate that Dr. Sadao’s father was a very traditional and conventional man?

Dr. Sadao’s father was very strict true patriot. His prime concern was his child education. The incident that shows that Dr. Sadao’s father was a traditional man is that “I have given good qualities and value to his son. That when he was in America he sticked to the value taught to him by his father”.

Why did the general Takima spare that American soldier?

General Takima spared the American soldier because he was suffered from a disease that Dr. Sadao can only cure. So, he cannot let anything happen to Dr. Sadao because if anything happen to him than the life of general would be in danger. So, we can conclude that general is a self centered and selfish man.

Why did the servant leave Dr. Sadao’s house?

When Dr. Sadao sheltered the American soldier all the servant thought that their master had done something unethical and anti-national. They did not want to get into any trouble so to safe guard themselves they quit their job.

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