Customer Service Classification Unit 2 IGNOU BBARIL BRL 105 Customer Service Management

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In this chapter Customer Service Classification we understand the classification of customer services and their factors.

Important topics in Customer Service Classification

  • Elements of Customer Service
  • Characteristics of Customer Service
  • Goal of Customer Service: Customer Satisfaction
  • Classification of Customer Service

Elements of Customer Service

According to Lalonde and Zinszer the elements of Customer Service is further classify into 3 parts

  • Pre Transactional element: Every shopkeeper sell multiple product. Customer visit to shop in expectation to know complete information of product such as colour, quality, size, price, tax for easier understanding of purchase decision. Full transparency in giving information to the customer so that this helps in competitive edge on the markets competition.
  • Transactional element: Customer understand their importance to a retailer, so they expect quick and fast service. Customer does not want to wait too long in queue line, they need fast and quick billing process. Ambiance also plays important role in customer service such as music, cleanliness, location, light, hygienic washrooms etc.
  • Post Transactional element: Sell the product to customer is not enough we would have to work with after sales service to maintain long term relationship. We should have to provide easy accessible communication and complain handle in quick and fast ways.

Rakowski divide it into 5 element that is pre contact, pre delivery, post delivery, personal contact, delivery. As 70 percent of efforts for sales is comes from pre contact to pre delivery which includes contact eye to eye to customer, customer centric, smile, easy billing and delivery on time, open body language etc.

Characteristics of Customer Service

The characteristics that employee have to maintain while providing customer service are

  • Knowledge Agent
  • Multitasking
  • Team Worker
  • Proactive
  • Customer centric
  • Stress Manager
  • High Adaptable
  • Positive language and tone
  • Professionalism
  • Problem Solving Skills

Goals of Customer Service

  • Become Brand Ambassador
  • Build loyal customer
  • Increase the customer lifetime value
  • Be quick and fast timely solution
  • Enhance rating and reviews
  • Enhance productivity
  • Improve Customer retention
  • Collect valuable feedback

Classification of Customer Service

The classification of Customer Service is further divide into eight categories information, consultation, order taking, hospitality, safekeeping, exception, billing and payments.

  • Information: New customer always takes information regarding product before making decision of purchasing. As they want to know which product will satisfy their needs. The previous customer also need information regarding maintenance of product and their life cycle. Their are several traditional ways to provide information to customer such as brochures, printed notices etc.
  • Consultation: Information simply involve replying the queries of customer’s question. It also involve dialogue to meet the requirement of different customer and accordingly frame a better solutions. And it covers various aspect like personal counselling, tutoring and training in product usage, consulting in management and technical works. The staff which is selling should have a understanding and knowledge of that particular product so that he can suggest alternatives.
  • Order Taking: After the process of selling, it comes the acceptance of application orders, reservations on order taking. The real business can only continue if there is an organization which is available to its customer. As reservation is a special type in order taking process for ex airlines, cinemas, restaurant etc.
  • Hospitality: Hospitality is an effective technique of giving customer service. In today’s life many businesses try to engage their customer by giving different services and treat them as guest. Example of different hospitality elements are giving foods, beverages, facilities and basic amenities (like washrooms, toilets), greetings, sitting facilities, waiting areas, lounges, entertainment magazine and newspapers, good ambience, hotels and many more.
  • Safekeeping: All the customer’s need their physical possession to be safe while visiting any places outside their knowledge. Customer Services should definitely include support services that should take care of their luggage and other things. Examples of safekeeping include safety provision for customer luggage, baggage, car and other facilities. Another category includes delivery of goods when people buy some item through a phone call or internet services. These support system involve picking, delivering, installing, assembling, cleaning and inspecting.
  • Exception: Customer Services also include some kind of exclusive support services that are different from the normal ones. These exception might include specific request from any corporate entity or individual who desires specialized and customized treatment instead of normal procedure. These exception include personal concerns related to personal disabilities or normal lifestyle disbalance.
  • Billing: This is a basic service that is common to almost all the customer services unless it is provided free or includes as a part of deal. There are some disappointment that customer can face due to inaccuracy and incomplete bills. Billing should be done in a timely manner so that it should be feasible for customers. Their is forms of procedures of billing includes digital payments and verbal practices.
  • Payments: If their is a bill, it required payment by the customer on individual basis or through bank advice. The above eight customer services discussed may not be equally applicable for all the retailing company’s and organization. The above explained customer service are general in nature.

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