IGNOU BRL – 105 Customer Service Management Study Material & Simplified Notes.


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Customer Service Management IGNOU Brl 105

Now a days due to increase in the competition at global, retail organization should not compete through price alone. Companies should have to work on several factors like providing superior customer care to different product and services. Services are important for customer as well as for the growth of Business organization. So in the book of customer service management, we should understand the detailed information about customer services as well as various ways to improve these services. Their are seventeenth chapter in this book, for examination point of view we can marked important chapter with their important topics.

Chapter in Customer Service Management

  • Introduction to Customer Service: In retail industry, maintaining relationship with customer plays an important role in long term businesses. So this chapter helps us understanding the concept of Customer Services, Parameter and Barriers of Customer Service.
  • Customer Service Classification: This unit helps us in understanding the classification of customer services, and the factor affecting the services along with their characteristics and elements.
  • Process of Selling: Every customer in retail outlets are the potential buyer. This units informs us about all the crucial components while selling products. This unit also helps in understanding of wants and needs of customer.
  • Retail Selling Skills: Selling is a fundamental part in retail business. Through this unit we can understand and develop a deep understanding of various types of format in retail selling. It will give you an overview on retail selling skills.
  • Customer Expectations: Customers perception matters the most as they perceived different services in their own unique, emotional, irrational and other terms. Customer Expectation services give emphasis on the types of customer personalities, what is the need of customer or expectation and what to do in order their expectation.
  • Service Quality: In market their are so many choices in the form of retailer for customers so, Quality is an important consideration uses by customer for purchasing of products from the outlet. In the chapter Service Quality we should learn about ensuring and providing the quality services to customer and also focus on challenges faces by retail organization all the time. We should also learn about quality, dimension, issues and benefits in providing quality service to customer.
  • Customer Experience Management: In today retail’s world without customer it is impossible to sustain and maintain business. With the help of Customer Experience Management we should understand and assume the satisfaction and need of customer of particular product and services and evaluate the particular proportion of level of experience. In this unit we understand about the customer experience and it’s benefits along with how to manage these experience.
  • Customer Loyalty: For every growing and successful business loyalty are important. Keeping customer loyal are more beneficial part of profitable businesses. So in this unit we emphasis on factor’s effecting customer loyalty, what is loyalty programme, types of loyalty programmes and building customer loyalty programme.
  • Grievance and Complain Management System: This unit give emphasis on various types of customer complain and that management procedure to handle these complain. As we all know in retail industry customer have different issues regarding different products and they can also lead to violence if not handle properly. So in this unit we will learn about the Grievance and Complain systems and it’s management.
  • Service Recovery: In this unit, we will get to know and understand about the service recovery and there by handling situations when thing go wrong.
  • Internal Marketing: The firm should also make sure to satisfy internal employees. This unit focuses on the importance of internal marketing and how it is efficient to build a better team culture and positive environment.
  • Communication with the Customer: To reach a effective relationship with customer, a proper communication need to exist. This unit give emphasis on the importance of communication and active listening to the customer and other required things.
  • Customer Communication and Technology: Through this unit we will be able to learn and understand about customer agent qualities, forms of communication of customer, importance of customer communication, different challenges of customer communication in technology and effective tools to enhance communication.
  • Empowering Customer Services: To build an effective communication toward customer and give better services we need to enhance and empower our customer services. This unit majorly focuses on how to empower customer services that can easily solve problems even in extremely situation that can not be easily handled.
  • Measuring Customer Services: In this unit we will get to learn importance of measuring customer services, benefits or losses of measuring customer services, different methods and how measurement leads to productivity in any retail organization.
  • Customer Services Action Planning: Customer value management skills is describe in detail in this unit and the process of initiating the work from scratch. Accompany should do a complete research for action planning and strategy formulation to develop a customer service goal.
  • Innovation in Customer Services: This unit focuses on innovation and customer services and its application, different strategies, advantages, present impact and future of customer services innovation etc.

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